Standard ranges teach students the basics and how to shoot at paper targets. While our specially selected trainers at Gunfighting Systems teach you how to be a gunfighter.  Becoming a gunfighter means to have the skills necesary to defend yourself and your family in an armed confrontation. We develop our students' mindset, situational awareness, and weapon handling skills.  Our seasoned staff draws on years of military and law enforcement combat experiences. When you commit to training with Gunfighting Systems, you will go from being a new shooter, to a gunfighter in a relatively short time.

Gunfighting Systems PLEDGE

To provide top quality firearms training to military, law enforcement, and civilians. We will accomplish this by providing subject matter experts skilled in the art and science of surviving a gunfight.

Seasoned Military and Law Enforcement Veterans | Veteran Owned


Join us at our new location within The Readiness Group at 3316 NE 3rd Ave, Camas, Washington