“We all enjoyed your class and appreciate your time and talent.”

- Kris G.

"I’ve Spent my life around guns and, like many, I thought I knew guns well. The wealth of knowledge provided by Gunfighting Systems LLC is unparalleled. Whether you are just starting to learn about guns, or you have been shooting for years, Gunfighting Systems is for you. The Owner’s teaching style is very easy to follow as he demonstrates each lesson and breaks down everything into simplified parts. Before no time he will have you confidently running multiple drills in succession. Through gunfighting systems, you will be taught multiple ways to perform a task so you can choose the one that best suits you as a shooter. You will not only be come a better shot, you will be able to better identify how every part of your body influences your shot placement. No matter what your experience level is, I strongly encourage you to try Gunfighting Systems LLC and see just how much there is to learn."

- Jesse A.

Corrections Officer


“Gunfighting Systems is a professional organization with an amazingly friendly staff.  The owner, Christian Lyle, really knows his trade.  He goes above and beyond to ensure his students learn practical self defense skills.  I highly recommend you contact Gunfighting Systems for some quality range time.  You won't be sorry!”

- Neil H.

Retired State Trooper and Firearms Instructor

“I recently had the opportunity to train with Christian Lyle for my retired Law Enforcement Officer Security Act qualification requirements.  Christian was very organized, professional, and spent a significant amount of time with retired officers.  He bettered our shooting skills in a short amount of time.  I highly recommend retired officers contact Christian for their ongoing required firearms carry requirements.”

- Arne G.

Retired Deputy Sheriff