1-Day Pistol Seminar;  includes NGO and 3M-P in one 8-hour class                                                                                  $200/ person

1-Day Rifle Seminar; includes NGO and 3M-R in one 8-hour class                                                                                    $200/ person

1-Day Shotgun Seminar; includes NGO and 3M-S in one 8-hour class                                                                             $200/ person

New Gun Owner Class- Rifle/ Pistol/ Shotgun (4 hours)- Stand alone class and entry requirement                           $100/ person

Firearms Selection and Assessment (FSA)- Try it before you buy it; private lession                                                          $50/ person

Malfunctions, Manipulations, and Maintenance (4 hours)- Stand alone class and entry requirement                       $100/ person

Concealed Carry Class (2 hours)- Stand alone class on how to carry concealed                                                               $100/ person

Fundamentals of Marksmanship Class; 2.5-hour class                                                                                                            $100/ person

Private Shooting Instruction (1 hour) (minimum 2-hours)                                                                                            $100/ person/ hour

Group/ Private/ Corporate Events (4-40 people)                                                                                                 $25-$100/ person/ hour

Structural Threat Vulnerability Assessments                                                                                     $1,000; $2,500; $5,000/ structure

Monthly Membership Fee (best value) - Entitles you to one class or range/ mo.                          $100/ month + $500 annual fee

 Firearms Rental; during range use                                                                                                             $25/ person for duration of class

Smokeless Indoor Shooting Range  (Pricing available upon request)                                                             approx.  $50-$130/ hour

Taser Basics 1 & 2 Class; 2-hour classes each                                                                                                                              $100/ person

Firearms Cleaning                                                                                                                                                                    $25-$100/ firearm

The listed fees reflect the need to use additional instructors and support personnel as events increase in student numbers; this is necessary to ensure a proper student-to-coach ratio.  These fees are a rough estimation of general pricing.  Contracts for Group Events, Special Events, Seminars, and Corporate Events will be negotiated on a case by case  basis.  As this is a veteran owned organization, we offer discount pricing for active and retired law enforcement and military personnel.  All ammunition used during training is the sole responsibility of the shooter.  An ammunition vender can be made available to support larger events.  We have a limited amount of rental firearms available for use.  Our most updated pricing is contained in our Gun Fighter Newsletter.  Sign up for the newsletter on our Contact tab.