What is Gunfighting Systems?

The core of our system is a multi-tiered training program based on a martial arts training template.  We teach our students how to be gunfighters and not mere paper target shooters. Students study the way of the gun in the following disciplines:

Concealed carrying

Pistol competency

Rifle competency

Shotgun compentency

Range operations

Instructor training

We also provide certification for retired law enforcement officers, recertification for armed civilians, testing and training for military and law enforcement personnel.  Our pre-academy firearms instruction program will enable students to pass one of the two highest failed topics at the Criminal Justice Training Center's Basic Law Enforcement Academy.  Reduce your stress by going to the academy knowing you have pistol marksmanship covered.

Coming soon...NRA certifications and instruction, private citizen armed carry training, hunter's safety classes, shooting seminars, weekend retreats, and business team building opportunities.